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We have been providing pharmacies with retail shelving and design services for almost 30 years.

Convenience & Specialty Stores

Convenience stores and other specialty shops, such as small grocery and supplement stores, have benefited from using several of the shelving systems we provide.

Dollar Stores

For decades we have been supplying dollar store and party supply stores across Canada and the United States with effective retail solutions.

Hardware Stores & Home Centers

We provide M-Line Heavy Duty Shelving, G-Line Gondola Shelving, and custom millwork to hardware stores and home centers across Canada and the United States.

Pet Stores

Pet store's typically utilize our G-Line Gondola Shelving and pair it with custom millwork and C-Line and M-Line systems.

Grocery & Liquor Stores

We have been a retail solution for grocery and liquor stores for over 40 years.

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Customer Reviews

UFA Co-operative Limited

“We recently forged a dynamic partnership with Continental Store Fixture Group for our store remodels, transitioning from an outdated fixture to their cutting-edge M-Line system. Collaborating closely, we tailored the solution to meet specific requirements, culminating in a fixture boasting unparalleled versatility, overhead storage capacity, and seamless installation. The M-Line’s flexibility in depth, height, and various accessories not only elevated staff efficiency but also enhanced the overall shopping experience and in-store presentation. Don and his team consistently delivered exceptional customer service, demonstrating an unwavering commitment that solidifies them as an invaluable partner for our future projects.” - Denny Popoff, Retail Field Specialist

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Cloverdale Paint

"I am pleased to recommend the services, millwork and fixtures of Don Nicola & Continental Store Fixture Group. Being a long-time customer of over 25 years, I can definitely attest to the product quality and services one can expect. In the designing and constructing retail stores across Canada, I mainly integrate 2 fixture product lines, the M-line and G-line fixtures. The M-line product works great with bulk, heavy and/or high-volume products because of the large capacity, high strength and is easy to configure into a space. The G-line is a gondola type of fixture that has a lot of flexibility for the traditional type of fixtures. Both are an excellent product lines that allow for great product presentation because of their flexibility in design, many size options and breadth of accessories available." - Jeff Pedersen, Corporate Design and Merchandising Manager

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Pro-Health Pharmacy

"Continental Store Fixture Group has proven to be an exceptional choice for our pharmacy's shelving needs. The custom cabinets are durable and well-made and have significantly contributed to the smooth operation of our pharmacy. The high-quality craftsmanship is evident, providing a reliable and sturdy storage solution for our pharmaceutical supplies. The installation process was efficient, and the millwork and pharmacy shelving were seamlessly integrated into our workspace, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. Overall, Continental Store Fixture Group has played a crucial role in optimizing our pharmacy operations, and we highly recommend their services for anyone seeking durable and well-crafted shelving solutions." - Christian Mitchell, Owner

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Hudson's Bay Company

“Kartwheels, as supplied by Continental Store Fixture Group, provide the best value compared to similar products that are being offered in the market place.” - Bernie Nigalis, Senior Manager Fixture Procurement

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Amre Supply

“We have used the M-Line shelving system for approximately 5 years at a number of our branches across Canada, and it has become our standard for any new branches or retrofits. Our facilities range from 25,000-45,000 sq ft and we sell a wide range of plumbing, hardware, lighting, electrical supplies and more to a mix of contractors, facility maintenance operators and home owners. Some of the highlights of this product for us are the following: the quality is top notch, very easy to install, the system itself allows for simple adjustments of shelving, and flexible size options for depth and height." - Shane Tollefson, General Manager

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McCoy's Building Supply

"My experience with Continental Store Fixture Group has been a long relationship. It dates to January 2005, and it is still ongoing. There are key qualities that I look for in a vendor/supplier. Quality, pricing and service are among the top of the list. The team at Continental exceeds those expectations, second to none. A special fixture called ‘M-Line’ was strategically designed to support our products sold in our building supply stores. A lightweight, but very durable fixture-racking with easy assembly, low maintenance, and good visual appeal. We have been using this fixture and its accessory components (chrome fronts, dividers, baskets, etc.) for over two decades on our sales floor layouts." - Gene Langley, Sr. Project Manager - Merchandising/Store Planning

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University of the Fraser Valley

“Once again Continental Store Fixture Group completely impressed us with amazing creativity and stellar customer service. I have come to rely on the insights of the design team to take a general design concept and transform it into retail art!” - Cameron Roy, Director of Ancillary Services

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