UFA Farm and Ranch Supply Store

Project overview

Our M-Line system in a UFA Farm and Ranch Supply Store

Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

We recently supplied the retail shelving for the UFA Farm and Ranch Supply Store in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. Because UFA merchandises heavy items, they specifically used our M-Line shelving system within their store because of the high weight-bearing capacity. As you can see in the picture above, UFA wanted bright graphics and branding so we repurposed our security gates to go from a wire door to a solid door, making it a perfect solution to adhere graphics and branding. This solution also allows them to hide overstocked merchandise that is still easily accessible to their staff.

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Customer's review

UFA Co-operative Limited

“We recently forged a dynamic partnership with Continental Store Fixture Group for our store remodels, transitioning from an outdated fixture to their cutting-edge M-Line system. Collaborating closely, we tailored the solution to meet specific requirements, culminating in a fixture boasting unparalleled versatility, overhead storage capacity, and seamless installation. The M-Line’s flexibility in depth, height, and various accessories not only elevated staff efficiency but also enhanced the overall shopping experience and in-store presentation. Don and his team consistently delivered exceptional customer service, demonstrating an unwavering commitment that solidifies them as an invaluable partner for our future projects.” - Denny Popoff, Retail Field Specialist

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